Upcoming Tournaments

March 4-5        IceBreaker
Saturday, March 4:  Individual Amateur open to men and women, flighted and pays gross and net
Sunday, March 5:  2 man or 2 lady scramble

May 6-7           Canyonlands Amateur, men's individual amateur,  flighted pays gross and net

May 20-21       Desert Duster, 2 lady bestball, flighted pays gross and net

June 3-4           Wing-Dinger Mixed eclectic bestball

June 10-11        The Arch and the Horsehead, 2 man or 2 lady teams
Saturday, June 10 Scramble at the Hideout in Monticello
Sunday, June 11 Bestball at the Moab Golf Club

July 1-2            Global Scramble Challenge, two divisions 3 person teams and a One man scramble

August 5-6        3-N-1 Mixed Championship of the Universe, one man one lady teams compete in three different formats, bestball, scramble and chapman

September 9-10  Glen Richeson Steak and Sudsfest, mixed bestball

September 22-24  Red Rocks Amateur
Friday, September 22 blind draw team event, with individual sweeps
Saturday & Sunday Individual Amateur flighted pays gross and net

October 7-8       Moab Senior Amateur, open to men and women 50+

November 4-5   Elks Charity Scramble, four person scramble

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